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Pickle Minyan

The next two Pickle Minyan meetings will be on May 20 (Parshat Behar-Bekohotai) and June 17 (Parshat Sh'lach). We are still looking for volunteers and leaders for both meetings.

What's a Pickle Minyan?
It's a youth-led minyan*...with pickles. Pickle Minyan is for kids in grades 2-6. But we also need those in 7th & up to participate in certain roles like Pickle Rabbi/Maharat and Gabba'im (to follow the leyning).

Why Pickles?
Pickles are a metaphor (but we'll really be eating them!). Like learning to lead and leyn, pickling takes time, patience and practice. Also, just like kids, pickles come in all sorts of sizes and flavors. And pickles are delicious!

So what do you want from me/my kid?
Well, pickles for one. But also your participation, support and enthusiasm. For our March gathering, we need:

1 Shacharit Leader
1 Torah Service Leader
1 D'var Torah Deliverer
2 Gabba'im Page Callers
1 Torah Carrier
7 Leyners (min. 3 psukim, first-timers welcome!)
7 aliyot
1 Pickle Rabbi/Maharat (7th grade & up)
2 Torah Gabba'im (7th grade & up)
3 Pickle Providers (you buy and bring the pickles!)

But what if I've never led or leyned before? How will I learn?
Start by taking it one step at a time. The first step is to participate and follow along. Sign up to open the aron, gabbai (call the pages), or take an aliyah. We'll provide you with recordings and resources to help you take the next step. And find a mentor! Use your shul time on a pickle-free week to practice with a parent, buddy or group of friends.

What if I'm scared or mess up?
You won't know until you try. Some pickles are sweet and some are sour. But in Pickle Minyan, we're all in the same jar!

How do I sign up and when do I get pickles?
Talk to or email Lisa Redisch
(202) 882-7225 x105 or

Pickle Minyan ends with a delicious pickle kiddush in honor of those who participated. We may even branch out to other pickled foods. But we will never serve herring!

*not a halachic minyan, a learner's minyan!