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Community Hospitality

Ohev Sholom - The National Synagogue is delighted to have visitors from around the country and elsewhere. Please join us for services, programs, and classes. Ohev Sholom is a very welcoming congregation and it is always wonderful to share our spiritual community with new friends.

The synagogue provides a free extended Kiddush on most Shabbat mornings following Shacharit services as well as Seudah Shelishit following Mincha. Everyone is invited to participate. There are also several kosher restaurants within a short bus or cab ride during the week.

As noted in the Local Jewish Resources section on our website, there are a number of hotels in downtown Silver Spring, Maryland, that are located in the eruv and within walking distance of the synagogue. 

On occasion, and with sufficient notice, Ohev Sholom is able to host guests with our congregants. We cannot promise that this is an option, but we will make every effort to try to make such accommodations when possible. It is helpful to know how many people are visiting (how many adults/children), and if anyone has restrictions, such as allergies, food restrictions, fears of pets, etc.

Please call our Administrative Office (202-882-7225) or email our Executive Director ( if you are planning to visit and would like to spend some time in our community. We look forward to meeting you!