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Purim 2017 / Mishloach Manot Fundraiser

Adar’s around the corner, Chag Purim awaits,
A festive opportunity when Ohev celebrates.
So get your graggers ready, your costumes in place
Think you can out do the Herzfelds? Nah, trying’s just a waste!

Through our annual shul-wide Mishloach Manot
You’ll do so much more than just send friends a note.
Your donations support our weekly Seudah Shelishit
And make sure on Shabbat there’s plenty to eat.

And as the kid’s grow and need more to do
We’re able to buy new equipment, it’s true.
When you give to this project, you’re helping us all
And making our shul even more exceptional!

And wait, there’s more! Something delicious for your table,
While showing support for the differently-abled.
Mishloach Manot with a Sunflower Bakery twist,
A scrumptious giving opportunity not to be missed!

How it works:
For just $7 per recipient, you can participate in the sending of a festive gift to anyone on our membership list.  Or, by making a generous donation of $360 you may choose as many names as you wish. Please note: If you have already joined one of our Annual Giving Plans, you will automatically be included at the maximum level! If you have not yet confirmed your 2017 Annual Giving Plan with Executive Director Sarah Shapiro, please contact her at

Every member household will receive one gift package available for pickup at Ohev Sholom on Purim.

Chag Purim Sameach,

Rachel Engelhart & Devora Labaton
Mishloach Manot Fundraiser co-chairs

Deadline to participate: Wednesday, March 8, 11:59p

To participate:
Step 1: Log In
Go to and log in using your unique code and the first three letters of your last name
Step 2: Welcome Page
Read details about this year's fundraiser and then click the "Continue" button
Step 3: Profile Page
Update any necessary information and then click the "Save and Continue" button
Step 4: Profile Updated
When "Profile Updated Successfully" appears, click the "Continue" button
Step 5: My Shalach Manos
- If you wish to participate in the sending of a festive gift to all members, click twice in the "Check/Uncheck All" box
- If you wish to participate in the sending of a festive gift to only certain members, click once in the "Check/Uncheck All" box and then click on the box next to each of those members
- Click the "Order" button
Step 6: Sending Purim Greetings to Non-Members
- If you wish to send a Purim greeting to anyone outside our membership list, enter the requested information, and then click on "Add to Order and Continue" (or click on "Add Another" if you want to send a greeting to more than one person)
- If you don't wish to send a Purim greeting to anyone outside our membership list, click on "No Thank You"
Step 8: Review Order and Checkout
Review your order, enter your credit card information, and click on "Checkout"

If you have misplaced your code or need further assistance, please contact Samara Schreiner at 202.882.7225 or She will be happy to guide you through the process.