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A group that runs a neo-Nazi website has announced an armed march by white supremacists in an effort to harass and intimidate the Montana Jewish community (see story

In response, The Beltway Vaad has reached out to the Chabad Shliach of Montana, Rabbi Chaim Bruk.

Rabbi Bruk appreciated our outreach and shared with us that the threats and harassment are very serious issues. He suggested that we use the light of our Torah and our unity to overcome the darkness of their divisive hate.

We are inspired by his words and therefore we are reaching out to our congregations and asking for everyone to provide spiritual support for our brothers and sisters in Montana.

Rabbi Bruk tells us that there are 1,500 Jewish families on his Montana mailing list. The neo-Nazis are publishing the names and addresses of Jewish families in an effort to scare the Jews into leaving Montana.

Sponsoring a Chumash

In response, we are inviting people to sponsor a Chumash. In partnership with Rabbi Bruk we will deliver the Chumash to these families. 

Our goal is to sponsor 500 Chumashim.

Sponsor a Chumash for $40 by clicking