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The Beltway Vaad & Grievance Procedure

The Beltway VAAD is a council of local, Orthodox, pulpit clergy, supporting one another as we serve the spiritual needs of our congregants and the larger community. Guided by a set of shared core values, our VAAD aims to provide our communities with religious education, spiritual leadership, kosher supervision, and a Beit Din for conversion and other relevant matters. Our VAAD provides clergy support and works in partnership with a lay advisory council to address communal concerns and interests.

Incorporating Members:
Rabbi Haim Ovadia, Sephardic Liaison
Rabbi Nissan Antine, Education Coordinator
Maharat Ruth Friedman, Conversion Coordinator
Rabbi Shmuel Herzfeld, Kashrut Administrator
Rabbi Joel Tessler, International Liaison
Rabbi Uri Topolosky, Chair

Ohev Sholom - The National Synagogue is proud that its clergy members are part of the Beltway Vaad. Membership in the Vaad carries with it a commitment to the Vaad’s
Grievance Procedure. [Those who feel that they have been subjected to a true abuse of authority, or otherwise treated unfairly, can seek redress through the lay-driven procedure.] The Grievance Procedure does not take the place of synagogue board oversight, and congregants should always feel able to approach board leadership with any concerns.

To learn more about the Beltway VAAD, please visit their official website: