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High Holiday Appeal 5777

September/October 2016

Dear Friends,

Just as the sound of the shofar in Elul stirs us from our slumber, just as crisp mornings and back-to-school rituals remind us that Rosh Hashanah is coming, we turn again to another annual tradition: that of reaching out to our community as part of our annual High Holiday Appeal.

Our shul has grown in beautiful and meaningful ways. It was not long ago that we faced the very real possibility of folding; today, strollers crowd our hallways and our sanctuary is brimming with new faces. We have become a destination for scholars and an important voice in the Jewish community. We recently welcomed our first full-time Director of Youth & Family Programs, Lisa Redisch, to better address the needs of the 300 children in our community.

But, of course, our growth and innovation bring additional costs. To cover these costs, we ask for your financial support. Your contribution is essential to the shul’s continued growth. In the year ahead, funds raised during this Appeal will support new learning opportunities for adults, an improved website and online member portal, increased security measures, and our new cutting-edge programming initiative, Focus On: Israel.

We are grateful for over $150,000 already pledged to this appeal by our generous Annual Giving Plan participants. But to meet our goals, we need to raise an additional $150,000. So we ask that you take a moment to reflect on your ability to help us reach this goal—and then we ask you to stretch a little further.

This year, in addition to asking you to contribute financially, we are asking each of you to give more: yourself. Of course, the financial component is essential, but we all know that the true wealth of our shul is shown in the Shabbat meal invitations we extend to visitors and new members, in the shiva minyanim we ensure, and in the volunteers who set up Kiddush, lead Tot Shabbat, make Mishloach Manot, and lead us in davening, learning, and leyning. This is what makes a shul into a community. So, with that in mind, this year we are also asking you to take a moment to reflect on your ability to give of yourself to the shul—and then we ask you to stretch a little further.

We invite you to complete the SUPPORT OHEV SHOLOM ONLINE FORM to indicate your financial commitment—as well as the ways you would like to be more involved in the coming year.

I hope you’ll join me in contributing—in all the ways you can—to our shul.  There’s no question that we will all share in the rewards.

Shana Tova u’Metukah,

Dina Epstein, 2016 High Holiday Appeal Chair